Private Pilot License (PPL)
The Vine Air Flight Academy offers you the best flight training in East Africa. Our highly qualified and licensed instructors are available to the students to ensure a smooth and coherent training program irrespective of the course.

Holding a Private Pilot License will allow you to light aircrafts with friends, family, or colleagues in good weather. No prior knowledge or experience is required to begin your flight training with the Vine Air Flight Academy, however, a good knowledge of Physics, Geography, Mathematics and command of the English language are essential for successful training. The Vine Air Flight Academy has flexible accelerated training schedules with each individual free to join the PPL course program whenever they are ready.

Course Outline and Progress

Admission Requirements
• At least 17 years of age.
• Class II Medical Certificate.
• Recommended Education Background:

o Good Command of the English Language.
o Good knowledge of Physics/ Physical Science.
o Good understanding of Mathematics.
o Fair knowledge of Geography.

• Uganda CAA theoretical knowledge examinations; 70% Pass mark!
• Uganda CAA Check-ride/ PPL General Flight Test (GFT).
• Uganda CAA Aircraft Type-Rating Examination; 70% Pass mark!
• Uganda CAA English Proficiency Test; Level 4 Pass mark!
 Uganda CAA Private Pilot License.
 Radio License.
 Cessna 172 Aircraft Type Rating.

Course Cost

You are a few steps away from getting your PPL!

With your PPL, the Sky is no longer the limit but Home!

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